Medveja Beach: First stop on Croatian Road Trip

Croatian Coast Road Trip: The Kvarner Riviera to Rogoznica

As someone who had been seduced by images of Croatia’s sun-bleached stone towns and sapphire blue waters long before arriving in the country, driving the some 1,800 kilometres of coastline from north to south was pretty high on my travel agenda. Beginning in the Kvarner Riviera our drive followed the dramatic coastline south through a landscape that morphed between well manicured gardens and stone cities, arid mountains, coastal villages and orchards. [Continue reading…]

Image of baked eggs with beans, goats cheese and thyme

Baked egg with beans, goats cheese and thyme

Breakfast at my place during the week usually consists of something uncomplicated and super quick, like a bowl of muesli or a couple of slices of avocado on toast before heading out the door. By the time Friday rolls around I’m often craving some variety in my morning meal routine and completely looking forward to a weekend treat, a cooked breakfast. [Continue reading…]

Image of bikini top and sea

Rogoznica: The centre of the Croatian Coastline

Croatia has long sat in one of the higher spots on my destination wish list. The appeal, a country that hadn’t until relatively recently entered the European Union. It held promise of a place not yet completely tourist centric, unlike so many other Mediterranean destinations. So it’s fair to say I visited with pretty loaded expectations. And although I enjoyed the better known towns of Dubrovnik and Split, it was the smaller village of Rogoznica that left a lasting impression.¬† [Continue reading…]